“The Gate”

A musical based on a traditional Japanese children’s nursery rhyme.

A gate like the ones seen at the entrance to Japanese Shinto shrines is set on the stage, and this is where the mystical animals come together there and call out, “Welcome, all ye corpses!”

In a sense, the audience in the theatre seats are the true protagonists in this mysterious world that moves between the land of the dead and the land of the living.

Performed in Japanese with English subtitles.

This made-in-Japan musical features all original music.

It is a darkly humourous musical, traveling all the way from Japan to reach the children of the world.

We are Kaso Jogi!

This new theatre company is founded by Saori Aoki (playwright and director) and Makoto Honda (composer and music director). In their long years of experience in the Japanese theatre world, they have travelled to the Victoria Fringe Festival, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, New York International Fringe Festival and more, earning awards and five star reviews.

The other Kaso Jogi members are active in a number of industries as musicians, artists, illustrators, comedians, translators, producers, videographers, and more. Their combined talents have resulted in a unique musical from Japan for the world.

Kaso Jogi’s activities in Japan theatre performances, story hours for children, videos, solo exhibitions, and live musical performances.

We have also been invited to present a multi-media performance at Findhorn in Scotland this summer.

In order to keep our shows accessible to audiences who don’t speak Japanese, we always perform with English subtitles, even in Japan.